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12 November 2013 @ 04:37 pm

Title: I Did Not Attack You
Rating: NC- 17
Pairing: Kris/Kai
Length: Oneshot, 7k
Note: A Kris and Kai smut scene. Taken from the para-rp I do (I'm Kris). In the RP there are Seoul-spies (good guys) and then Seoul- Seekers (bad guys). The format of writing is different.

Kai was at his usual turf, not exactly craving anything extravagant but a simple drink was all he wanted, but of course it was never that simple.
12 November 2013 @ 04:13 pm


I Did Not Attack You || NC-17 || KRIS x KAI (what is this pairing even called!?)

Fate of Coincidence? || G || Kaiho (Kai x Suho)


Let's Have Some Fun || NC-17 || Jinchan


Is it Love || G || Dongwoo (Donghyun x Minwoo)


You're Forever Mine || PG || Yeoljong



EXO if the Mafia || NC-17/ R || Taoris + Kray + Kris and everyone essentially (he's a mafia boss what can you expect!)

A Strange Attraction || PG/ NC-17 || Kray

Everyone Wants A Piece of Baekhyun || NC-17 || Baekhyun and everyone (He is also a slut, this is just Baekhyun porn)


If You Knew a Boyfriend || PG|| Minwoo x Sandeul (B1A4) x You


If You Knew a Boyfriend || PG|| Minwoo x Sandeul (B1A4) x You
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01 July 2013 @ 03:45 pm


Fandom: EXO
Main Characters: Baekhyun and then the rest of EXO
Genre: Alot of smut
Rating: NC- 17
Words: On-going
Summary: One by one the boys start to admire Baekhyun for what he really is. A delicious boy they all want to taste. So who's going to call dips first

Broken down in parts:

o. Agreement

i. Chanyeol

ii. Jongin

iii. Xiumin

iv. Luhan

v. Jongdae

vi. Zitao

vii. Kyungsoo

viii. Joonmyun

ix. Kris

x. Yixing

xi. Sehun
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15 February 2013 @ 07:17 pm

A Strange Attraction - smut exo lay yixing kris zhangyixing wufan - main story image

§ MAIN CHARACTERS: Kris/Wu Yifan, Lay/Yixing
§ GENRE: Fluff, yaoi, smut
§ RATING: NC- 17

Zhang Yixing has been a member of the nude drawing classes for 2 years and never once has he looked at the model in front of him as anything else than a object he draws. This doesn't mean he can't see beauty, no he often tells the nudes how perfectly structured their bodies and faces are.

This view on the nudes completly changes when Wufan, a chinese man becomes the new nude. Yixing can't keep his eyes off the man and everytime he draws something he knows it will never compare to the real beauty. Somehow he has become strangely attracted to this man and Yixing is at a lost to what to do.


Wufan has often worked as a model to gain extra money here and there but when he finds a free position in the nude drawing class Wufan has to seriously think about taking the job. Yes he has a good body and he isn't ashamed about it yet the idea of posing in some ridiculas pose stark naked infront of a group of people he's never seen before is un-nerving.

He decides to go and never regrets it because it is the moment he steps into the room that he is attracted to the small, brown haired man who sits next to the window. Wufan doesn't understand he doesn't even know the man.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9

02 February 2013 @ 08:13 pm

§ MAIN CHARACTERS: Kris/Wu Yifan, Lay/Yixing, Tao/ Zitao, Luhan, Xiumin, Chen, possibly EXO-K
§ GENRE: yaoi, smut, Gangster (whatever that is)
What will happen when a hired assassin, Huang Zitao is given Kris Wu, leader of the most wanted and dangerous gang in Beijing, EXO his next target.
[Not sure how many parts]

Authors Note:

This fanfic is inspired by THIS gif work, how fucking cool are they!!!

My best friend told me I should write a fic about it and so I have started. Not sure how often I'll be able to update but I shall try...it's actually heaps of fun to write about

Okay enough about me, enjoy the read ^^

22 January 2013 @ 01:29 pm

Fate or Coincidence: A Jongin x Junmyun

Fate or Coincidence? - fluff exo exok kai suho sukai - main story image

A.N: This is a pairing I hadn’t really known about, like I knew it existed but that was it. Then my friend Anitta (She’s my Kai) gave me one to read and I liked it. Then on her request I have written this fic. So yeah I hope you guys like it.

[Keep Reading]

They first met on the plane trip from Beijing to Seoul. Row 38, seat A and B. Junmyun had just finished a business deal with the CEO boss of RenRen, one of the biggest social networking companies in China. The meeting had gone easier than expected and Junmyun hadn’t even needed his rusty Chinese to communicate, the CEO being multilingual in English, Chinese, Korean and Cantonese. Junmyun looked back down at his ticket and gently pushed himself the passenger in front of him quickly moving until he arrived at his seat. Finally. Once his baggage was stowed he slid into the window seat and allowed himself to relax, eyes closing and arms flopping out to the sides.

“Umm…excuse me could you please mo..”

“Oh yes sorry”.

Junmyun was quick to remove his arm, slightly cursing himself for being so relaxed. He wasn’t home yet. He glanced up just in time to watch the said passenger lift his baggage into the overhead lockers. His shirt and jacket rising in the most beautiful manner allowing for dark skin to be glimpsed. Junmyun quickly looked away. The passenger soon sat down, head flicking his hair out of his eyes. Eyes that soon darted over to Junmyun and did a mini body scan. A polite smile was given and then the connection between them ended…for almost the whole flight. It wasn’t like Junmyun was shy or  afraid. No it was just that one did not talk to their fellow passenger. That just wasn’t done on a plane, it would be considered creepy. Though wasn’t his subtle staring creepy?

The second interaction that happened between them occurred when Junmyun needed to go to the loo, his only dilemma was that the hottie next to him had his mouth open, head lolling and he was fast asleep. Should he wake him? But then he might get angry that he was disturbed.

“I’m going to regret this!”

With that Junmyun unbuckled him seatbelt thankful that he had already taken off his shoes. Taking a deep and silent breathe Junmyun proceeded to slip one leg over the sleep boy essentially straddling him. Once one leg was over Junmyun paused, checking that the other was asleep. He shifted his weight onto his other leg and was about to move off the boy when an amused voice disturbed his perfect plan.

“What are you doing?”

Junmyun froze and slowly turned his head to the passenger he was currently straddling.

“Errrr…I can explain! I really can! I know it looks dodgy and everything but I wasn’t doing anything like that. I needed to go to the bathroom and I didn’t want to wake you and please don’t hurt me!”

A chuckle escaped the passenger.

“Don’t worry I do believe you but before we continue this talk could you um…get off me?”

“Fuck yes, I’m so sorry!”

Junmyun literally threw himself off the other, body tumbling into the aisle for a few seconds before he shot back up pretending that nothing of the sort had happened.

“Wow are you okay?”

“Yes of course…I do this all the time…”

“You mean straddle boys in planes?”

“Yeah..what no!!”

Junmyun silently cried, he had become an idiot in the eyes of the extremely attractive boy.

“I’m just going to go…” he turned 90 degrees and started trudging towards the bathroom.

“I wasn’t sleeping…it’s a meditation exercise”

This just made Junmyun feel like more of an idiot

When he came back to sit down the younger wasn’t there. Great he was scared of him! Sighing he slid into his seat and proceeded to prepare himself for bed, quickly pretending he was when his next door neighbour returned. The said boy leaned over and found the others ear.

“My names Jongin…nice meditation”

Junmyun had to mentally stop himself from crying from joy. When the announcement of their arrival was voiced did he rise.

“Meditate well?”

“Yeah well as much as one can on a plane… thankyou Jongin. You can call me Junmyun”

He stuck out his hand.

“It’s been a pleasure meeting you”.

“And you, we might even meet again. The worlds a small thing”.

And indeed the world is a small thing, so small that they met again that very night. Both boys had bought themselves tickets to the National Ballet that was in Seoul in the National Theatre. The meeting was quite unexpected and caught both boys in a shock as they started at each other, faces  so very close.

“Oh…hello again”

Jongin laughed before helping Junmyun stand on his feat again, the other fixed his suit before looking back up, face slowly turning crimson.

“I’m so sorry. I really didn’t mean it! I just slipped and yeah you know the rest”.

Junmyun bowed as low as he could cursing his new shoes which made him trip and fall into the lap of what turned out to be passenger Jongin.

“Well don’t just stand around and bow all day come sit down”

The seat next to Jongin was patted and confused expression crossed Junmyuns face before seeing that Jongin was holding his ticket which indeed showed that his seat was next to Jongins. Just he luck, not only was he going to be sitting next to Jongin again but he had made himself look like a fool for about the 3rd time. Nothing to be done though, he had a seat and that seat was waiting for him.


Sitting down he tried to make idle conversation and it worked however the only catch was that it was all happening inside Junmyun’s mind, he had yet to open his mouth.

“So Jongin what a coincidence that we meet again on the same day…”

“You think it’s coincidence?”

“What else would it be?”

“Well fate…something or someone has decided for us to meet again. There must be a reason for it.”

Junmyun shut his mouth before something un-polite spilt out. He wouldn’t say he didn’t believe in fate but it seemed such a stupid idea to put your faith in. Yes okay faith could exist but that doesn’t mean everything in life is fate because that would be stupid, fate would be controlling your life not yourself. Everything you did would be put under fate, a decision done by someone else. He didn’t want to put down Jongin’s words or hurt him.

“Okay…but do you believe in coincidence’s? Because fate and coincidence might just be the same thing but it has different properties or it is like Yin and Yang therefore opposites”.

Jongin blinked before breaking his face into a smile, a smile that melted Junmyun’s heart, a smile that would but cheesier cat to shame. Junmyun’s voiced hitched.

“I like you, you don’t just accept what people say. You say what you think or question what the other has said but without any negative emotions and hurtful words.”

He laughed softly.

“Maybe they are like Yin and Yang but who could tell us, you? Me? God? Fate or coincidence isn’t something to be controlled or translated. It is what it is.”

Junmyun nodded trying to think of another response other than “yeah” but in the end nothing else came out except for that causing Jongin to smile again.

“Do…do you want to come for a drink after this ends? Unless you’re busy or with a date or..or”

“I would love to though only if you promise more good conversations?”

Junmyun laughed before nodding.

“Deal but only if you keep smiling”.


Both men laughed. Both men thanked fate or coincidence at that time, hoping that something more than a second meeting would occur…and as fate would have it…they did.

Credit for pic: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2op66tjDZ1r99lxbo1_500.jpg
Check these guys out: http://fuckyeahexofics.tumblr.com/

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18 September 2012 @ 10:14 am
So, this is just an update about all the shizz in my life. Thought some people might like to know but also by writing this down it always me to organize my thoughts. Okay here I go.

1. So about 2 months ago I had major problems with my best friend. It's in the past now and what happened happened, and I nor her can change what happened. I've accepted it and accepted what I did wrong and what she did. Hard time in my life but I don't regret it, it happened for a reason, one I still do now know and if i ever do i don't think I'll even understand it but that's life for you.

2. My bestfriend/ sister/ twin is in Korean now ^_^ We talked pretty much every day since there is only 1 hour time difference, which is epic!! She normally lives in Prague, thus we would only ever talk over twitter and tumblr. Apart from just taling to her, seeing her via webcam and seeing her weekly posts on her lj account with pictures she sent me a gift for my BIRTHDAY!! -dies-. When I got it I may or may not have screamed and jumped around like a lunatic :P hehe.

She gave me:
  • Beautiful letter and card <3 [Shall insert pictures once at home]
  • An EXO-M folder -dies- Now contains either Maths papers or Studies of Religion papers
  • A 2013 Infinite calender! Can now sit next to my JYJ calender ^_^
  • B1A4 photocards which also came with 3 sheets of stickers. The cards are stuck up on my wall and one of the bigger stickers is on the back of my phone ^_^
She is amazing <3 I adore her to bits. Here is a beautiful photo of here:

[insert photo]

You should check out her blog, along with her weekly korean updates :D http://irethsingollo.livejournal.com/

3. I just had my trial HSC exam for 4 of my subjects. It went pretty well, true I failed maths but I knew that was going to happen and I was happy with what I did. In Ancient History I cam top of the class!!! -celebrates- but what I'm even more happy about is that I beat one of my good friends Jack who is extremely good at everything!! LIKE OMG! I beat him by 1/2% and wefhejhferhfuerf I cannot explain my happiness for beating him :P Then in the inclass test i got 9/10 and for a study guide we had to do I got 19/20 ^_^
We have 4 weeks of break, 2 weeks holidays and 2 weeks study break (all 4 shall be study for me ^_^).

However what really annoys me about my history class is that like no one gives a shit, they hardly study and when they do it's a week if not the night before the exam. Then when they get their results back they feel like shit. Yeah well if you had studied or i dunno PAID ATTENTION IN CLASS instead of talking to the friends you see 24 hours a day you might have gotten a better mark. Christ, sometimes I just want to punch the people in my class for being complete idiots.

4. I have a 4 week study break after this week!! -DANCES IN JOY-

5. Sorta found out that my close friend who I see as a brother, sorta likes me...why does this happen to me?

6. I just came back from walking up to the shops because our first 2 periods got cancelled. I went and bought a coffee and rice pudding. the coffee tasted pretty bad :( but the rice pudding made up for it :D:D

Okay that is all for now ^_^ I hope I haven't all bored you to death with my odd and weird life :D Off to make some tea and hang out with friends before my art class starts ^_^

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05 August 2012 @ 10:59 am

So i was reading this EXO fic 'Hyung i Know you want me' and i start reading the smut bit and i realize that whats shes written is my JinChan oneshot. Like the author didnt even try and hide it, it was COPY AND PASTE from my story, she only changed the names. I was so angry! Like she didn't credit me, didn't ask me or anything. If she had asked me i might have let her use the story with all the right copyright but she didnt! I sent her an ask and reported her. The chapter was taken down but it still angers me.

I took screen caps of the bit as evidence, good thing i did too:

[The Screen Caps]

Screen Shot 2012-08-04 at 11.02.19 PM
Screen Shot 2012-08-04 at 11.02.37 PM
Screen Shot 2012-08-04 at 11.03.01 PM
Her story, with my oneshot
And this was my story:



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22 July 2012 @ 10:05 am

Title: You’re Forever Mine

Group: Infinite

Pairing: YeolJong (SungYeol + SungJong)

Rating: PG

Summary: When SungJong finds himself sinking into a dark void of depression and uselessness SungYeol rescues him and is there for the younger.

Words: 658 (OMG ITS SO SHORT!!)


SungJong banged his head against the wall of the shower. He hung his head and slowly sunk to the floor, tears falling from his eyes and mingling with the water from the shower. “Always…always” SungJong reached up with his trembling cold hands and pulled harshly at his hair. They had just had another practice session and he had failed everyone again. He had been weak in both physical and mental states. More tears flowed and SungJong pushed his head against the wall. He thought back to the faces of his elders, disappointed, angry and not caring. All were directed at him. The maknae whimpered and clenched his fists and pulling at his hair as hard as he could, causing some strands to be pulled fully from their roots. “I’m useless, what is the point of me…all I do is bring despair and disappointment.” He didn’t care about himself, didn’t care that his head and heart were hurting unbearably. Not caring that the water was icy cold, not caring that he would catch a deathly cold. All he could think about was the disappointment that his existence caused. SungJong curled up into a ball and shook as he cried not seeing, hearing or caring. Just wanting to fade into nothingness. As he drifted off into a fitful sleep he kept muttering the same words over and over again. “I’m useless…I’m useless”.


SungJong woke and felt warmness. Before opening his eyes he tried to feel the environment around him, he soon realized that he was not alone. That someone was lying next to him, holding his tightly and not letting him move an inch. The younger slowly opened his eyes and moved his eyes around to try and figure out where he was. He saw that they were in one of the bedrooms in the dorm, he wasn’t which one though. As he moved his head to look at the person lying next to him he got a shock. SungYeol was looking at him, eyes full of  worry and behind it all love. SungYeol pulled himself closer to SungJong placing their noses tip to tip. “Pabo” he whispered. “Pabo, pabo, pabo. You could have died. You had the biggest fever once I found you half drowning in that shower. It’s lucky that I found you or you would be much worse off than you are now.” SungJong closed his eyes and then slowly re-opened them. “No…no one would have cared anyway. I’m useless, a nuiscence. Always getting in the way and…”. SungYeol placed a one of his fingers on the youngers lips, silencing the rest of his sentence. “You’re wrong. You are none of those things and I don’t understand how you can think that. You are not useless, you are one of the most talented people in this group, south Korean, the world. You are talented in every possible way, you are caring, loving, kind and are always thinking about the others. Don’t you dare think or say otherwise and that no one cares about you. Who do you think we are, especially me. Have I not shown to you, proved to you that you are the most important person in my life, in my world, my one and only. SungYeol leaned forward and pressed his lips against the others. “Pabo”. SungJong blushed like he did every time SungYeol kissed him. They had started going out in that odd, secret way after their ‘Second Invasion’ concert. Both boys had always been there was each other, even more so now when they had proclaimed their love for each other. SungYeol kissed him again this time longer and with more passion. “Don’t you ever forget Jongy, I am here for you as your best friend, family, brother, lover. Me and everyone else in the group value you like a golden treasure so don’t think otherwise. My beautiful baby pabo”. SungYeol kissed him a last time and held him even tighter not wanting to let the soul reason of his existence to slip away. “Forever mine and forever useful.”

The End

Authors Note: Hey guys I hoped you liked this one shot for YeolJong. Just realized how b it is….hmm don’t know what I think of it now that its so short, thinking that I should have put more in it but whatever I’ve written it now and being the slack, lazy person I am not gonna do anything more to do. It’s actually surprising how fast I wrote this up. It takes me weeks and even months (if you look at my infinite story which I haven’t updated in ages. SORRY READERS FOR THAT WILL DO THAT) to actually write the story I’ve writeen down on paper into a computer. Anyway another thing to point out  I actually ship both MyungYeol and YeolJong. I started shipping YeolJong after I met a person over the net (now someone I consider a sister). I am forever thanking her for getting me to ship YeolJong <3 This fanfic is dedicated and well written for her :D Thankyou for reading and I hope you will read my other one shots and longer plot stories ^_^

Martina as promised I waited until you read the hand written copy before I posted this. This version has a few changed things but is pretty much the same. I hope you enjoyed it :D And once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BEAUTIFUL FRIEND.


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